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Head Instructor Mark Ambrosio
is a 6th degree black belt with over 30 years experience in operating martial art schools in the styles that comprise Integrated Martial Arts (IMA). Along with being the owner and operator of IMA, he is also a licensed practitioner of Chinese herbs and teas and operates his herbal consulting out of the same location. One of his specialties includes the development of IMA's Effective Force Training (EFT) program, which focuses on ensuring students understand 'streetwise' self-defense and associated combat training enabling them to feel truly comfortable in knowing they can effectively defend themselves in any situation.



Head Instructor John Peitzman
is a 5th degree black belt with a comprehensive martial arts background spanning 25 years, including past ownership and operations of several schools throughout the USA. He currently volunteers his time at IMA, focusing his efforts on overall program development for 1st degree black belts and above, as well as personally providing advanced training and instruction for the 3rd degree black belt main school instructors. In the corporate world, Mr. Peitzman holds the title of Global Operations Director for the Chief Security & Privacy Office at EDS, where he is in charge of world-wide security operations.



Instructor David Owen
is a 3rd degree black belt with over 17 years of training under multiple martial art systems. In addition to his IMA credentials, he has achieved multiple black belt degrees from other traditional Korean and Chinese martial art schools as well. Mr. Owen specializes in technology companies and private equity.



Instructor Shaqir Kavazi
is a 3rd degree black belt and has trained in IMA for over 10 years. He comes to us from Albania with specialized training in kick boxing, muay tai,



Instructor Ernie Bojaca
is a 3rd degree black belt and has been training in IMA since 1998. As the primary instructor for IMA's children’s and beginning adult programs, he is personally focused on each students' training needs and desires - helping them to advance as quickly as possible in their growth and development.



Instructor Debbie Ginchansky
is a 2nd degree black belt with over 10 years of training in IMA. With a focussed attention on Tai Chi for over 5 years, she offers this specialized instruction to individuals at all levels.

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