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What to expect on your journey

The beginning
Your commitment to a dedicated martial arts practice schedule will facilitate immediate improvements in your overall health and wellness - both physically and mentally. As with any new activity, it may seem awkward at first and frustration along with physical discomfort may become part of your mindset and experience. You need to forge through these aspects with mental determination and will power, remembering your original intention - to improve yourself mentally and physically. Once you make a habit out of your martial arts practice, you will find that it becomes an integrated part of you. At the point when you are no longer forcing yourself to practice, when your practice is something you are enjoying and craving, at that time you will begin to open up your abilities to improve at an exponential rate. This beginning phase to appropriately acclimate yourself to your training usually takes between 3 and 6 months.

The foundation
As you progress in your martial arts training up to 1st Degree Black Belt, you will find a dramatic change occur in your abilities - both mentally and physically. Increased concentration, willpower, patience, coordination, speed, power, and control are simply a few benefits you will notice from your training. At this part of your journey, your focus will be to continuously progress in your training, while beginning to integrate the mental and physical aspects. You will come to practice with the desire to improve yourself even more, knowing with every practice, your body is able to push farther along. Mentally, you will develop the will power to secure a dedicated intent and focus in your training, and will begin to see these abilities spill over into your everyday life.

Later on....
Once you reach the level of 1st Degree Black Belt, the training and development opportunities available to you increase considerably. You have now earned the opportunity to be instructed in higher levels of martial arts knowledge, having solidified the mental and physical foundation needed to be able to acquire these advanced skills. Advanced training focuses on the true integration of the categories and techniques of Integrated Martial Arts and expands to include the effective incorporation of the superior internal elements and significant mental aspects. There is no boundary to the instruction available at Integrated Martial Arts, including some of the deepest and most powerful forms known to man. These movements have no limits physically or mentally.


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